该Greenbone安全助手是连接到OpenVAS Manager和OpenVAS管理员提供了漏洞管理一个全功能的用户界面的Web应用程序。

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  • 作者:Greenbone
  • 许可:GPL第二版


GSAD - Greenbone安全助手的守护程序
[email protected]:~# gsad -h
  gsad [OPTION...] - Greenbone Security Assistant Daemon

Help Options:
  -h, --help                       Show help options

Application Options:
  -f, --foreground                 Run in foreground.
  --http-only                      Serve HTTP only, without SSL.
  --listen=<address>               Listen on <address>.
  --alisten=<address>              Administrator address.
  --mlisten=<address>              Manager address.
  -p, --port=<number>              Use port number <number>.
  -a, --aport=<number>             Use administrator port number <number>.
  -m, --mport=<number>             Use manager port number <number>.
  -r, --rport=<number>             Redirect HTTP from this port number <number>.
  -R, --redirect                   Redirect HTTP to HTTPS.
  -v, --verbose                    Print progress messages.
  -V, --version                    Print version and exit.
  -k, --ssl-private-key=<file>     Use <file> as the private key for HTTPS
  -c, --ssl-certificate=<file>     Use <file> as the certificate for HTTPS
  --do-chroot                      Do chroot and drop privileges.
  --secure-cookie                  Use a secure cookie (implied when using HTTPS).
  --timeout=<number>               Minutes of user idle time before session expires.
  --debug-tls=<level>              Enable TLS debugging at <level>


启动在8888端口(-p 8888) 前景(-f)守护程序和HTTP重定向到HTTPS(-R):

[email protected]:~# gsad -f -p 8888 -R