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  • 作者:OpenVAS
  • 许可:GPL第二版


openvasad - 管理的开放式漏洞评估系统
[email protected]:~# openvasad -h
  openvasad [OPTION...] - Administrator of the Open Vulnerability Assessment System

Help Options:
  -h, --help                              Show help options

Application Options:
  -V, --version                           Print version.
  -v, --verbose                           Verbose messages.
  -f, --foreground                        Run in foreground.
  -a, --listen=<address>                  Listen on <address>.
  -p, --port=<number>                     Use port number <number>.
  -c, --command=<command>                 OAP command (e.g. add_user, remove_user, list_users)
  -u, --username=<name>                   Username when creating, editing or removing a user
  -w, --password=<password>               Password for the new user
  -r, --role=<role>                       Role when creating or modifying a user (User, Admin or Observer)
  -t, --account=<username:password>       Username and password for new user (overrides -u and -w)
  --rules-file=<rules-file>               File containing the rules for the user
  --users-dir=<users-dir>                 Directory containing the OpenVAS user data (default: /var/lib/openvas/users/)
  --scanner-config-file=<config-file>     File containing the OpenVAS-Scanner configuration (default: /etc/openvas/openvassd.conf)
  -s, --sync-script=<sync-script>         Script to use for NVT feed synchronization
  -A, --scap-script=<scap-script>         Script to use for SCAP feed synchronization
  -C, --cert-script=<cert-script>         Script to use for CERT feed synchronization
  -F, --feed-version                      Print version of the installed NVT feed.
  -S, --sync-feed                         Synchronize the installed NVT feed.
  -T, --print-sync-status                 Print the synchronization status of the installed NVT feed.
  --enable-modify-settings                Enable the OAP MODIFY_SETTINGS command.
  --disable-password-policy               Do not restrict passwords to the policy.


监听端口9393 本地主机(-listen = = 9393)使用指定的扫描配置文件(-scanner-配置文件=的/ etc / openvas / openvassd.conf:

[email protected]:~# openvasad --listen= --port=9393 --scanner-config-file=/etc/openvas/openvassd.conf