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  • 作者:OpenVAS
  • 许可:GPL第二版


OMP - OpenVAS OMP命令行界面
[email protected]:~# omp --help
  omp [OPTION...] - OpenVAS OMP Command Line Interface

Help Options:
  -?, --help                      Show help options

Application Options:
  -h, --host=<host>               Connect to manager on host <host>
  -p, --port=<number>             Use port number <number>
  -V, --version                   Print version.
  -v, --verbose                   Verbose messages (WARNING: may reveal passwords).
  -u, --username=<username>       OMP username
  -w, --password=<password>       OMP password
  --config-file=<config-file>     Configuration file for connection parameters.
  -P, --prompt                    Prompt to exit.
  -O, --get-omp-version           Print OMP version.
  -n, --name=<name>               Name for create-task.
  -C, --create-task               Create a task.
  -m, --comment=<name>            Comment for create-task.
  -c, --config=<config>           Config for create-task.
  -r, --rc                        Create task with RC read from stdin.
  -t, --target=<target>           Target for create-task.
  -E, --delete-report             Delete one or more reports.
  -D, --delete-task               Delete one or more tasks.
  -R, --get-report                Get report of one task.
  -F, --get-report-formats        Get report formats. (OMP 2.0 only)
  -f, --format=<format>           Format for get-report.
  -G, --get-tasks                 Get status of one, many or all tasks.
  -g, --get-configs               Get configs.
  -T, --get-targets               Get targets.
  -i, --pretty-print              In combination with -X, pretty print the response.
  -S, --start-task                Start one or more tasks.
  -M, --modify-task               Modify a task.
  --file                          Add text in stdin as file on task.
  -X, --xml=<command>             XML command (e.g. "<help/>"").  "-" to read from stdin.


连接到OpenVAS服务器(-h与管理员用户(-u管理员)在端口9390(-p 9390),并列出可用扫描的configs(-g):

[email protected]:~# omp -h -u admin -p 9390 -g
Enter password:
085569ce-73ed-11df-83c3-002264764cea  empty
daba56c8-73ec-11df-a475-002264764cea  Full and fast
698f691e-7489-11df-9d8c-002264764cea  Full and fast ultimate
708f25c4-7489-11df-8094-002264764cea  Full and very deep
74db13d6-7489-11df-91b9-002264764cea  Full and very deep ultimate